Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blog Tour: Forever My Lady by Jeff Rivera Excerpt


**Ages 18+ due to mature content and strong language.**

Rodriguez grew up on the streets and knew all too well the hard, cool feeling of the barrel of a gun tucked down the back of his jeans. But his hard exterior softened when he met Jennifer. Jennifer understands Dio like no one else and makes him want to be a better man. Suddenly a drive-by shooting lands Dio in a prison boot camp and sends Jennifer to the hospital. When Dio learns that Jennifer is pregnant, he realizes that he must find a way to turn his life around and return to his lady. But can trainee Rodriguez get his act together among the hardcases in prison? And will Jennifer be waiting for him if and when he does?


His mind was filled with questions and worries about Jennifer. He wondered if she had died on that hospital bed or, if she was alive, if she was in pain. If she was still alive, she probably wondered what had happened to him and probably wanted to know why he hadn't contacted her at all. Maybe she was just as worried about him. He wanted to be near her so badly. She was the only thing that kept him sane in that crazy gangsta life he led. If he could just get to a phone, just for five minutes. He just needed to hear her voice again. Just needed to know that his baby was all right. Every time he tried to go to sleep that night, everything that had happened would play in his mind over and over again. Dio remembered standing outside Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant that night on East Charleston, on the pay phone with the rain coming down in sheets. He had planned to go home real quickly before he spent that Valentine’s evening with Jennifer. It was supposed to be such a special night, but it turned out to be a horror instead.

Jeff Rivera is an author and inspirational media personality. He has appeared on national television, radio and print in such outlets as, The Boston Globe, Publishers Weekly, Right On! Magazine, Rotarian Magazine, TMZ, WABC, WNBC, WCBS, SITV, American Latino and NPR.
His humble beginnings of living in American poverty on welfare and food stamps as the child of a single mother, to his days living in his car and final rise to becoming a published author, journalist and media personality have inspired many.



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