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Hey everyone :) Welcome to our blog! Let me start off with a small introduction of myself. My name is Danielle and I am 27 years old. I am the proud mother of a beautiful little girl. Reading has always been a passion of mine, as well as writing. I have been sure to pass my love of reading onto my daughter. There is no greater gift you can give a child than a book. Enhancing the imagination is such a wonderful thing! We were all given a brain, so why not nurture it?
When I was younger, you could always find me with a book in my hands. Sadly, the older I got and the more life demanded out of me, my time spent reading became next to none. I’m so happy that I have books back in my life. I’m sure like many others, my new found reading obsession is because of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Once I jumped on the bandwagon, I was instantly hooked! After I finished reading all three books I found myself feeling lost and I admit, going through Christian withdrawals. Ladies, I know I’m not alone here ;) So my hunt began. I needed to fill the void that finishing Fifty left in my heart. Christian Grey has mighty big shoes to fill and I have yet to find to take his place and don’t think anyone ever will. There have been a few who rank pretty close with him though. I read Bared to You and Reflected in You next. Gideon Cross furthered my desire to keep reading. After these books, I met the amazing Professor Gabriel Emerson and fell in love all over again. The hunger just kept getting more intense and it was my obligation to feed it. I have had so many book boyfriends and the list keeps growing! My reading adventures have steered me towards some amazing indie authors and I’m excited to discover more!
I will give any book a fair chance. I have read several books since Fifty Shades of Grey and have yet to find one that I haven’t liked. Now this isn’t saying that I haven’t run into some tough reads, because I definitely have, but no matter what, I didn’t give up on them. My all time favorite books are romances though. I love what these books do to you. A great author knows how to pull you in, make your heart race, make it break, put it back together, have you holding your breath, laughing one minute and crying the next, and making you form a bond so deep with the characters that you actually feel like you know them and have become a part of their lives. I have read many books that have stayed with me after finishing them. The emotions have stuck to me like glue. I would have it no other way because I know that I just read one AMAZING book!
This is my first blog outside of school work and I will give you nothing but my best. I hope that through my reviews I can share my excitement and appreciation for the books that I have read. This is my way of giving back. If you would to request a review please send us a message, leave a comment below or email us at For_theLoveof_Books@hotmail.com for consideration.
Thank you so much for supporting us! Happy Reading Bookworms <3

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